Rules & Cancellation Policy

Gestion Ma Kabane is proud to offer you a selection of chalets that will allow you to get together as a couple, with friends or family in order to reconnect, relax, recharge your batteries and enjoy nature.

Our chalets offer you comfort and tranquility and will allow you to slow down the pace. Before booking, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the following rules to ensure that our chalets are the right place for your vacation.

By submitting a reservation request, you agree to these conditions.

No Smoking of any type

All types of smoking are forbidden in our chalets.

Any additional cleaning required by the presence of a smoker results in the automatic deduction of the deposit.

Respect of the chalet and his neighborhood

The Lessee and his Guests agrees to respect the rental premises and neighborhood and to abide reasonable rules of conduct and not to disturb neighbors or other local resident. The Lessee must keep noise to a reasonable level, both inside and outside the unit.

Warning:  The chalet is equipped with exterior camera and noise monitoring device. These systems does not record actual sounds or conversations, it simply monitors the noise level (measured in decibels) and sends alerts passing a specific threshold or if deactivated. Removing the decibel monitor or camera will result in a full security deposit loss.

FIREWORKS are prohibited at all times

It is strictly forbidden to make a fire on the ground. An external location is provided for this purpose. The fire must be extinguished, if left unattended.

The Lessee agrees to respect the rental premises and leave them in the same condition as when they were rented. Furniture and objects for the Lessee use must be handled with care and used only for the purposes for which they intended.

No parties or gatherings allowed

We understand that life is full of good reasons to celebrate and we love to celebrate, but you need to know that our chalet is maybe not the appropriate place to party.

We have a zero tolerance policy and could results in immediate eviction from the property without any refund. The tenant is 100% responsible of all fees related to cleaning and damages.

The chalet could only be rented for resort purposes.

Client’s Commitment

The lessee must be 25 years old or older and must be present during the stay, vous ne pouvez céder vos droits ou sous-louer l’immeuble.

The lessee is responsible for the actions of any other person on the rental premises. Only registered guests that are included on the reservation are permitted to stay at the chalet.

Please ensure that the correct number of guests is reflected in you reservation request.


We realize that sometimes accidents happen, it’s part of life. We also expect that our guests will treat our chalets and Items in them with care and respect. Please let us know about any damage in or to the chalet during you stay.  Minor damages are part of the rental and we won’t charge you for them. All other damages cause by the Lessee or other guests are at Lessee charge and need to be refund.


If the chalet a SPA, instructions for it’s use we be available on site and must be follow. The Lessee is responsible for any damage related to the SPA.


Each property have enough parking places for is capacity

  • It is forbidden to park on the street
  • It is forbidden to park on the grassy area
  • Please don’t use neighbor’s parking

Pet Friendly

We love pets and understand how difficult it could be to fin accommodations that authorize pets which is why our most of our properties are allowing dogs.  So please be respectful of the property you are renting and of our future guests when bringing your little furry family member.

The number of dogs allowed is limited to a maximum of 2.

Only social and 100% house-trained dogs are permitted. Your dog will need to be constantly under your supervision. They are not allowed to be let outside alone, even with a leash. And if you ever let them alone in the chalet you need to use a cage.

They are not allowed on any furniture and if we detect pets fur or other signs of pets on any furniture, an additional cleaning fee will automatically be charged.

Always clean up after your pets. This applies to the property but also to all surrounding area. Please be respectful of our futures guests and other residents.

To help with our cleaning and maintenance costs related to hosting dogs, we have to charge an additional pet fee (50$).

Dogs owner and Lessee are 100% responsible for any damage caused by their pets.

Please provide us with details about your pets when making your reservations. We reserve the right to decline or cancel any booking if we are not comfortable that the house rules for pets will be observed.

Cancellation Policy

If the notice of cancellation is received less than 30 days before the date of the beginning of the stay, the deposit of 50% will be retained by the landlord as damages.

If cancellation occur after the start of the stay, the Tenant will be require to pay full amount of the rental.

In the case that the stay could bot be offer or completed due to unforeseen event (electricity outage, water, …) the responsibility of the lessor would be limited to the cost of the rental. Unused days would then be refund, but not additional compensation would be granted.

No refunds or credit notes will be paid n the event of a problem arising from Mother Nature shocks or the degradation of the water quality of the lake or rive (if applicable only).